Halapua: Fiji memories will live on

Reverend Dr Winston Halapua during his thanksgiving service at the Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

THE Most Reverend Dr Winston Halapua Bishop of the Diocese of Polynesia was farewelled at the Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral in Suva yesterday after eight years of service.

Archbishop Halapua said the memories created in Fiji would continue to live with him for the rest of his life.

“My fondest memory is the fact that wherever I went and whatever I did, I am in this fortunate place — a place where God is in the centre. Some people call it different names but whatever way, we know there is God and that is what I share with others in different parts of the world,” Archbishop Halapua said.

Many gathered at the Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral yesterday for a thanksgiving service for the three Tikanga Church and to farewell Archbishop Halapua and his family.

Archbishop Halapua was also bestowed the title of Archbishop in Emeritus by the general senate standing committee.

Presenting the title on behalf of the committee, Most Reverend Philip Richardson said this was a sign of their respect towards Archbishop Halapua.

“You have been a voice for the people of the desert, you have been a voice for the people of the delta areas, you have been a voice for our planet Earth our mother — speak with courage, act with courage and do so knowing that you carry all of us with you,” Archbishop Richardson said.

Archbishop Halapua and his family will soon move to the United Kingdom where he will be based at the Cambridge Theological Federation.

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