Gymnasts on the roll

GYMNASTICS is active in the country and is being taught under the guidance of Gymnastics Federation of Fiji (GFF).

GFF became a member of the Fiji National Sports and Olympic Committee (FASANOC) last year.

Its president Darlene Underwood said that Gymnastics Australia had been supporting them in promoting the sport in the country.

“With the funding from Gymnastics Australia, we thought to start at the grassroots level and villages seemed to be the best place to start. At the same time we are also promoting and advocating healthy living,” Underwood said.

“Hopefully gymnastics is here to stay. We were able to get a gold medal in Rio from rugby 7s. Probably one day we will be able to produce a gold medallist in gymnastics.”

National gymnastics coach Robert Yeal said various development officers from the support from Australia were sent to villages such as Nalawa in Ra, Dranikula and Nakorovou in Serua.

Yeal said his biggest challenge was to have the right facility and equipment.

“At the moment I’m teaching artistic gymnastic which I think is the only Olympic gymnastics sport. It is the men’s and women’s artistic. I’m teaching out of Suva now with two clubs and hopefully a third one soon,” he said.

Meanwhile, GFF will be hosting the International Gymnastics Federation president and executive committee meetings in July.

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