Guava farms

It is very encouraging to read of this latest initiative by the Taiwanese Government to introduce a top guava variety to be commercially farmed for local and overseas consumption.

Our wild Fiji guava is a delicacy grown anywhere in the country and full of vitamin C.

iTaukei landowners will benefit greatly from this guava planting option because we do have many unutilised barren land available to farm this great gift from our Taiwan family.

The turnover time to plant, harvest and sell is similar to any other fruit plant in season here, which takes nine to 10 months to mature.

Of late I now see this ready bottled Halal guava juice with an artificial flavour added and is loaded with preservatives. It is a product of Shangrila (private) Ltd from Karachi, Pakistan, nevertheless, it is thirst quenching and delicious.

Someone smart will value add to this Taiwan guava and invest in a freshly squeezed natural guava juice factory for our local market and export.

Government has announced a $62 million aid funding approved by the EU for agriculture and sugarcane farming post TC Winston, iTaukei landowners must take full advantage of it and grasp it with both hands. It is a great opportunity for good productive land utilisation and maximising on their earning capacity in contributing positively to our national coffers and improving their lifestyle at the same time.

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