Growers paid 67 cents less per tonne

Sugar cane farmer Chandra Deo shows his fourth cane payment statement at his home in Johnson Road Drasa Lautoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND

Canegrowers in the Western Division want Fiji Sugar Corporation to explain why it deducted 67 cents per tonne from the fourth cane payment for the 2019 season made last Friday.

Several farmers said they had sought an explanation from the miller on the “certified deduction” that was shown on their invoices.

Lautoka grower Chandar Deo said he had a $201 deduction from the payment for his 300 tonnes of cane.

“When I went to pick my invoice I was told that there was a new deduction shown,” he said.

“Upon inquiry I was told this deduction will go towards the Sugar Research Institute of Fiji.

“This deduction has happened for the first time.”

Mr Deo has asked Government to direct FSC to refund the money.

“I am unhappy that this deduction has been made, given what we are going through with COVID-19 and all the difficulties we have.”

FSC chief executive officer Graham Clark told The Fiji Times he would reply to queries on the issue today.

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