Group shows true service spirit

“Your ethnicity, colour of your skin or your religious background does not matter. When we see you need help, we will come and try to help.”

These were the words of Akhilesh Prasad, the assistant secretary of The Fiji Sevashram Sangha.

The service organisation was one of the first non-profit organisations that arrived on the island of Kadavu providing basic food items to families.

Mr Prasad said they had just completed distributing food items in the Western Division when they received word that Kadavu was one of the worse affected islands by Severe Tropical Cyclone Keni.

“We are here to provide immediate relief supplies for families. After concluding ration distribution serving more than 600 families in the Western Division, we heard Kadavu was badly affected, so we decided to come to Kadavu to help these families,” he said.

“We have brought two weeks of groceries which include rice, onion, potato, oil, sugar, tinned fish, noodles and biscuits for 80 families. We wanted to bring more, but we managed to bring only a small van so we have with us 80 packs for 80 families.

The group returned to Suva on the same boat, but Mr Prasad said they hoped to return with more relief supplies.

“We hope to return, if need be we may return with bigger packs, we have also come to assess so we will see maybe after a few weeks. We also plan to help the schools with school supplies.”

Mr Prasad said their help was part of their community service, one which they did not wish to be paid for, because they themselves had been blessed with their service to the community.

“We are a service organisation, this is what we do, we deploy our volunteers — our main aim is to send our volunteers with immediate supplies to hold the affected until further assistance arrives. We have donors, none of us are paid workers, we are all volunteers. This is purely from donations from volunteers.

“Our main objective is to serve people, because we believe in a service to people is a service to God, that is what we believe in.”

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