Group reaps rewards of successful business venture

The $15 earned from a grass cutting business in Martintar, Nadi a year ago has reaped rewards for a group of men who lost their employment to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They have successfully registered Trinity Brothers, a Nadi-based business which specialises in construction and landscaping.

Founder Ledua Lesumailepanoni said the business started off with three people last year when COVID-19 hit and they had struggled to make ends meet.

This business had met many constructions and landscaping demands in the Western Division in the past year.

“Now there are 30 of us who all have different trades and we have branched out to the North as well,” he said. “We are made up of mostly unemployed men and most lost their jobs last year to COVID-19, so we created an idea to do something because we have to provide for our families.

“We never looked back, and we utilised the different skills sets we have and this was how we have been able to get customers after customers because, in every job we did, we make sure we leave a lasting impression.

Mr Lesumailepanoni said they had worked on more than 100 residential properties in the past year and most homeowners lived abroad. He said social media had played a vital role in marketing their products.

He said the business was registered in November last year after they noticed a successful trend and a huge demand in their area of work.

“Now we have corporate companies coming after us and we are grateful they have recognised the talents we have.

“We are trying to expand; we already have a branch in the North.

“We always sell our products on social media once we have completed a certain property, and this is how we are able to attract more customers.

“Our product is our service.”

Mr Lesumailepanoni said there was no looking back and they had laid out major plans for the company to sustain it now that borders had reopened and businesses had picked up slowly.

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