Group looks to help school

NATABUA High School old scholars residing in Melbourne, Australia, will look to provide some assistance to the school in terms of infrastructure development.

About 100 former students visited the school yesterday to take a look at the school facilities.

Among them was the 1984 school head girl Shobhana Chetty.

She said the reunion was a way for former scholars to meet and discuss ways in which the former students could assist the school.

“We came here last Thursday and took a look around,” she said.

“We are quite happy to learn that the new principal, who has been here for about nine weeks, has initiated work at the school and is very happy to take notes.”

She said a group from Melbourne had committed themselves to painting two school blocks.

According to Ms Chetty, Natabua High School was known for its academic excellence and their aim was to ensure this continued.

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