Group hopes to return bigger to Fiji Showcase

A WIDOW dominated group from Viseisei, Vuda in Lautoka is hoping that their achievement at this year’s Fiji Showcase will help them to come out better next year.

Made up of four women, the Viseisei Marautaka Handicraft group was among more than 100 vendors at this year’s showcase.

Throughout the week-long event, the women sold various types of handicrafts and jewellery, raking in more than $4000.

The group’s leader, Laisa McGoon, said being first-timers at the annual event was more than what they were expecting in terms of the sale of their products.

“We have been preparing for this for the past two months,” she said.”What we targeted to get for the whole week, we have achieved it and we have been able to get more than what we were planning.

“We were planning to get $1000 each and now we have raised more than that.

“This is our main source of income. This event has encouraged us a lot to come back next year and prepare more things to come and sell here because of the money we have been able to get this year.”

The Fiji Showcase ended yesterday at the Vodafone Arena in Suva.

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