Greig: Sky Pacific concerns have been noted

DIGICEL Fiji CEO Mike Greig says he is working on ensuring Sky Pacific content is fresh and relevant to Fiji.

He said he was aware that some customers had raised concerns about repeat shows on Sky Pacific and also the type of shows being aired on the pay-television network.

“We are a paid subscription-based television company so we do try and bring the very best content that we can, we are always reviewing content,” he said.

“What we buy, in terms of the channel that we purchase from overseas suppliers, we get that feed.

“We don’t get a lot of ability to change the programming so if there’s a repeat that is simply what the channel we have purchased access to is doing.

“In saying that though, we don’t like it, we understand the customers don’t like it, so we are constantly trying to bring new content, you’ll see some changes to our content with our line-up coming up soon.”

Mr Greig said while they were working to upgrade content, Sky Pacific viewers still enjoyed some of the best pay-TV channels available in the country.

“We should talk about what we have brought — we’ve brought NRL, Super Rugby, Sevens and I know that’s been extremely popular.

“We are going to bring in the best content?

“Do we need to work harder? Will we?

“The answer to all those questions is yes and we will constantly talk to content providers about what we can do to avoid repeats and content that’s not really suitable or that popular for Fiji.

“So watch this space, it is something we are constantly working on for every Fijian to enjoy.”

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