Green light for payment

CANEfarmers will receive their fertiliser payment next week.

The Labasa Cane Producers Association yesterday met farmers to inform them about the processing of payments that had started.

Association executive Rajendra Prasad said 25 per cent of farmers would benefit from the payment next week.

He said 75 per cent of the farmers had already received their share in December last year.

“I know most of them have been looking forward to this payment and now they will receive the assistance no later than next week Wednesday,” Mr Prasad said.

FSC rep Atish Nand who was with the farmers told them the date of payment had been confirmed and there would not be any changes.

“I’m very pleased with the teamwork played by the farmers and its council and I hope the teamwork will continue,” Mr Nand said.

About 8000 tonnes of fertiliser was delivered to the farmers in 2013 and 9000 tonnes last year.

Mr Prasad said the numbers of farmers increased every year.

He requested farmers to use the money to buy all the fertiliser they needed.

For every bag of fertiliser the farmers bought, $4 would be refunded to them.

Mr Prasad said they were looking forward to this year’s crushing season.

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