Green Bonds in World Bank Guide

Update: 12:50PM GREEN bonds issued last year by the central bank in a bid to finance the government’s climate change resilience works continues to receive praise.

The latest
being from the Capital Markets Advisory and Development Taskforce (CMADT) which
met on March 14.

In its
first update of the year, the CMADT said there was “continuing positive
developments and global interest in the country’s Green Bond issue.”

Issued just
before COP23 in November last year, the Fiji Green Bond raised $100m to
directly fund climate resilience projects and was the first of its kind from an
emerging market.

and issued inside of a year, the short time frame associated with the Fiji
Green Bonds is to be the subject of a guide called “Guide to Sovereign Green
Bond Issuance – Lessons from Fiji” that the World Bank will soon publish,
according to the CMADT.

noted that the issuance of Fijian Green Bonds is a positive development for the
domestic capital markets as it expands the number of instruments available,
provides an excellent tool for financing green projects, and attracts a new
pool of investors and private sector issuers,” the CMADT said.

addition, the Prime Minister is expected to make an announcement of the green
bonds listing at the London Stock Exchange ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of
Government Meeting in April.

members noted that the listing was largely symbolic however will raise
visibility and accountability.”


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