Great victory

Great Bati victory over the Kiwis! However, I am now thinking the semis and not who we playing but the day? Bati versus the Kangaroos game is on Friday night. If you analyse the recovery period than the Bati will get less than five days (including the travel from NZ to Australia) while the host Kangaroos will get full six days (with less travel time).

In high intensity and body contact sports like rugby league the recovery time is the number one priority as it affects the team mentally and physically. I believe this current situation will favour the Kangaroos and is this fair to our Bati? All I can say is the Bati of 2017 is a resilient team and god-fearing and we will take up the challenge with pride.

Joka kece our Bati blood, sweat will rock the Suncorp roof.

Go Bati go forever.

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