Great show of skills in bread making competition

Pastry chefs Mohammed Faruk (right) Sachin Deo, Ashneel reddy, Rakesh Kumar and Nicklos Jordan judges the bakery competition at HOTEC Tradeshow in Nadi. Picture: REINAL CHAND

FIJI’S first bread making competition was officially launched at the 2019 HOTEC Tradeshow with talented local bakers invited to showcase their best creations during the two-day event.

Sponsored by FMF Foods Ltd, the competition was among several challenges on display at the Sheraton Fiji Denarau Convention Centre. FMF Foods Ltd bakery manager Sachin Kumar said he was surprised by the amount of talent that were on display at the inaugural event.

“We invited most of the big bakeries to come over and do a showpiece and we didn’t have a specific criteria for them to follow. A lot of them showed some real talent and some very innovative ideas in the way they made the various bread,” he said.

“There was a total of nine people that participated. There was three from Hot Bread Kitchen from different shops across the country and the other five were individual bakers.

“These are our local talent and it is quite encouraging to see a lot of them being so creative in what they had submitted.”

He said the company would host a second competition at next year’s HOTEC Tradeshow with a few new categories.

“What we are looking to do now is setting up a second category for professional pastry chefs from resorts.”

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