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THERE is no doubt wines have been one of the best companions with food and entertainment for thousands of years now.

In fact, wines have literally evolved with civilisation over many generations.

While the history of wines goes back to thousands of years, it has gained more popularity in the last century with mass production and brand loyalty which has made certain names a world-wide favourite.

Here in Fiji, there is no shortage of good wine — thanks to Motibhai Group which has been distributing quality wines for all occasions and suited to all tastes for many years now.

“The brands we distribute are world-renowned and collectively have won numerous awards at food and wine shows and other important events across the globe,” said Motibhai Group manager hospitality sales Nitesh Chand.

“Our wines have become part of your daily life, whether it’s a normal day or time for celebration.

“Many a times people may not realise that you can actually pair a wine not only for each food course, but also for each segment of the evening — upon arrival, appetisers, toasting, after dinner sippers and so on.”

Meanwhile, Motibhai Group has rolled out special offers on Lindeman’s Bin Series and The Rothbury Estate wines this Easter.

For more information, customers can refer to the advertisement featured in The Fiji Times.

Lindeman’s and The Rothbury Estate wines are distributed in Fiji by Motibhai Group — touching your lives with quality products.

About Lindeman’s

Lindeman’s is enjoyed 80 million times a year in more than 100 countries around the world — allowing family and friends to reconnect and enjoy time together.

Lindeman’s global popularity has been driven by the positive philosophy of Dr Henry Lindeman, who established Lindeman’s in the Hunter Valley in 1843.

Perfect for everyday moments, yet equally worthy of an occasion, Lindeman’s immensely popular wines are approachable and accessible, with an unfailing record of consistent quality and timeless appeal.

About the Rothbury Estate

Rothbury Estate offers trusted wines with honest wine styles renowned for their freshness and flexibility with food. Rothbury Estate offers wines of great value that complement the perfect dining experience.

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