Great concert

I would like to congratulate Veiuto Primary School for staging an impressive and excellent concert through the display of numerous dances from around the Pacific.

The awesome event was held on Friday evening (21.07.17) at the Vodafone Arena with an incredible crowd that came to support these youngsters perform to their full potential.

A pivotal concept to education of our children is not confined to a classroom setting but also engaging our future leaders to extra-curricular activities such as sports, concerts, etc., as it enhances a child’s development for the future.

The various cultural dances performed at this event infused different ethnicity and cultures profound to the Pacific which included items from Vanuatu, Fiji, Kiribati, Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti and other Pacific Island states. I am deeply moved by the talents, determination and passion displayed by the students of Veiuto Primary School because the planning, choreography, music and the colourful costumes were captivating.

This one of a kind performance demonstrates the rich cultures of the Pacific which supports the message of “unity in diversity” or the “Pacific way”.

I believe the preparation time prior to staging this fantastic concert was five weeks and indeed the performers, choreographers, teachers, parents, old scholars and supporters did an excellent job. Also to the audience for the wonderful support.

Vinaka vakalevu and hats off once again to Veiuto Primary School and I look forward for another outstanding show next year!

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