‘Grant based on school roll’

Head Teachers during their conference at the FMF Gymnasium. Picture: ATU RASEA/FILE

THE free education grant that is disbursed to schools by the Education Ministry is solely based on the edited school roll that is updated on the Fiji Education Management Information System (FEMIS).

Heads of schools were told yesterday that the updating of school roll on FEMIS, was their responsibility, ensuring no student was left out.

Senior education officer Sadeep Singh stressed these points during the Fiji Head Teachers Association conference at the FMF Gymnasium in Suva.

Mr Singh said it was imperative for heads of schools to update their student information on FEMIS.

He said if the names of students were missing from FEMIS, the grant for those students would not be included in the grant.

“If you have 50 students in school but you’ve only updated for 40 students, then the grant would be for those 40 students so it’s only good to count frequently, to check that the FEMIS account matches what you actually have in your school,” he said.

He also said the exercise was important as it also assisted the ministry in ordering textbooks before the new academic year.

Mr Singh said that school heads must keep a record of their textbook stock because they would be held accountable.

In a recent circular, the permanent secretary for Education, Heritage and Arts Ministry Alison Burchell requested school leaders to urgently update the numbers of textbooks that had been received by the school for the past year and also the numbers of damaged or lost textbooks.

“The above data will then be used to determine the current usable stock of each textbook in the school and finalise 2020 textbook orders for each school,” she said.

“While textbooks are provided at no cost to the school and students, they remain government property.”

Ms Burchell also directed that the textbook data and information on the textbook in the Fiji Education Management Information System (FEMIS) must be updated by August 4.

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