Granny marks Eid with family

(4th from Left) Despite her sickness Jaibul Nisha celebrated Eid with her family and neighbors yesterday. Picture LUKE RAWALAI.

AS Muslims across the country celebrated Eid yesterday, Jaibul Nisha, 64, spent the day with families to show how appreciative and grateful she was of the simple things in life.

When a team from this newspaper visited Ms Nisha at her Nakama home outside Labasa Town, she was joined by close families, neighbours and loved ones to celebrate the special day.

The grandmother of nine, who is also a diabetic and hypertension patient, said despite her sickness she was grateful to celebrate the much awaited Islamic festival, describing it as a blessing.

Ms Nisha says this Eid she was thankful to Allah for his providence.

“At this age we become more grateful and appreciative of the simple things in life,” she said.

“I lost my husband, Shahim Begg, a few years ago and I only wish that he was alive to celebrate today with his five children and grandchildren.

“Things have really changed — Eid now is celebrated with big revelry compared with the past.

“Now we have assorted sweets made in homes compared with the past when families would only prepare the traditional samaii (vermicelli) for visitors to our homes.” Ms Nisha said it was also good to see that the spirit of the occasion was still alive and that families were celebrating this year.

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