Granny laments loss

GRANDMOTHER Asena Naicika has accepted the fact that her seven-year-old grandson had succumbed to floodwaters, but she is holding on to the hope that Sitiveni Gukirewa Bola will have a proper farewell.

Her grandson was swept away by floodwaters on Monday, along with her 55-year-old husband, Petero Gukirewa, whose body was recovered on Tuesday.

She said she was still trying to come to terms with the loss of the two close family members.

“It is the saddest time of my life, but I have learnt to accept the loss,” she said.

“I am just hoping they can be both laid to rest properly.

“It was just a normal Monday morning and my husband who was the sole breadwinner in the family wanted to go and catch crabs.

“My grandson kept insisting on going with him and eventually he agreed to take him.”

She said the family sensed something had gone wrong when they failed to show up in the afternoon.

“I knew something was wrong so after 6.30pm I went straight to the village headman to ask for his help and this was when the search started,” Ms Naicika said.

“We hope they will find his body while we await my husband’s post-mortem examination because we want their funeral to be held together.”

Ms Naicika said her husband was from Kabariki, Kadavu and was a man who loved his family.

She added that her husband’s post-mortem examination was expected to be held today.

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