Grandpa tells of deadly accident

Police offi cers and fi refi ghters try to retrieve the bodies trapped in a car that veered off Princes Rd near Tacirua settlement yesterday. Picture: ARIETA VAKASUKAWAQA

What used to be a play ground for six children turned into a scene of a tragic accident yesterday after a car veered off a hill along Princes Rd near Tacirua settlement and landed near their house.

Speaking to this newspaper, grandfather Jone Vu said there were five people in the car.

“The car crashed into a house along the road, veered off the hill and crashed into a coconut tree, before landing near our house,”the 55-year-old said.

“When I came outside, I could see three people who were injured, two were lying unconscious beside the wrecked car.

“But then I got closer to look inside the car, I could see another woman and man lying motionless.

“They were bleeding heavily and motionless.”

Mr Vu called on authorities to construct railings along the road where the incident happened.

“The first thing I did was look for my six grandchildren when I saw the wrecked car near our house because my grandchildren usually play at the spot where the car landed.

“I think if they were playing outside, something very bad could have happened to them. “We want the authorities to build railings along the road where the accident happened.”

Witnesses said the incident happened about 2pm.

More than 10 firefighters and police officers with two fire trucks and an ambulance were at the scene to retrieve the two bodies trapped inside the car.

Police then requested for bedsheets from nearby houses to use as body bags.

Firefighters then managed to retrieve the two trapped bodies an hour later after cutting open the wrecked car.

When contacted last evening, police spokeswoman Savaira Tabua said she would release a statement later.

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