Grandma needs new wheelchair

AFTER having to rely on a walking stick for seven years, Ram Raji of Nagigi, Savusavu, is seeking assistance from authorities.

The 80-year-old grandmother, who is weak and unable to walk, is in need of a wheelchair.

Her son Shiri Deo, who takes care of her, said they had been finding difficulties in moving his mother around inside the house.

“She has an old wheelchair that we used to move her around the house, but it now has no tyres,” he said.

“She is getting sickly nowadays and sometimes we would have to carry her from her bed to go to the washroom or to take her for a shower.

“She loves flowers and would always want us to take her outside so she could glance over the flower which is why we need a wheelchair for her.”

Mr Deo said a wheelchair would make life easier for his mother.

“We would be more than grateful for a timely blessing. I am also ageing and we cannot afford to continue the ritual of carrying her to places she needs to visit like the washroom, sitting room,to the veranda and to her bed,” he said

“We are pleading with members of the public and authorities to look into our request.”

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