Grandad jailed for rape

A GRANDFATHER who raped his granddaughter was sent to jail for 12 years by the High Court in Labasa. Judge Justice Salesi Temo sentenced the villager for one count of sexual assault and one count of rape.

The villager, grandfather of the victim from an island, appeared before Justice Temo at the High Court in Labasa.

Justice Temo told the villager that offending against the child, he had shown no regards to her right as a child, her right as a human being and her right not to be harmed.

“You also had caused heartache and sadness to her family,” he said.

“You are related to the child victim and you are her grandfather. As such, your role was to look after and care for her. In a village setting, that was expected of you.

“We have said before and we will say again that we, the courts, will keep on passing heavy prison sentence against child rapists, as a warning to others.”

Justice Temo also ordered a permanent domestic violence restraining order against the accused to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the complainant, whose identity has been suppressed.