Grace Road saga: Allegations makes business strong, group president reveals

Adi Soloceini Soqosoqotabua and Soon Yeon working on the vegetable farm at Grace Road farm in Navua. Picture: JONA KONATACI/FILE

“WE are the ones who developed and got the concept of farm to table, and the farm we have is directly connected to our nine different restaurants.”

Grace Road Group president Daniel Kim revealed this during a press conference at the Grace Road Navua farm yesterday, adding they planned to export a few things like cassava cakes, pineapple cakes and soap through their food processing business.

Asked about how the recent allegations against Grace Road had affected their business, Mr Kim said it had instead made them strong.

“This has given us, the members, a strong bond as, in the Bible, it is testified that if you’re doing the right thing, there will be a lot of hardships. This is our hardship. Everything they are saying in Korea about our leader is a lie because she is doing the right thing and that is why they have captured her in Korea,” claimed Mr Kim.

Mr Kim said this was not the first time people were trying to slander the Grace Road Group.

He said somehow the story became very big and created suspicion because people did not know about their group and its people here.

“Police came here from Korea and Fiji and did all their investigations and they couldn’t find anything wrong happening here,” said Mr Kim.

He said none of their members wanted to return to Korea.