Govt party tours parts of Lau

A GOVERNMENT delegation left for southern Lau this morning to follow up on government projects on the various islands.

Led by Divisional Commissioner Eastern Luke Moroivalu, the tour party will visit 10 villages as part of government’s development plans for the islands and taking government services to these areas.

The first stop for the 96-member delegation is Ono Village before travelling to Vatoa and Ogea, Fulaga, Namuka, Komo and their last stop for the first week of the tour will be at Oneata.

From Oneata, the tour party which will be travelling on Government boat the MV Iloilovatu, will proceed to the Yasayasa Moala. They are expected to spend two days in Matuku before visiting Totoya and Moala.

“Rural development is a high priority that is included in government’s development agenda,” Mr Moroivalu said.

“That is why we have placed a special emphasis on the provision of proper rural roads, electricity, water supply and income-generating opportunities in the rural and maritime regions.”

MSAF will also be conducting workshops for boat operators in the islands.

“This trip will be a great opportunity for the people to raise their concerns to government officials and get first-hand responses.

“On recent trips to the Lau Group, shipping-associated problem have always been highlighted by those in the maritime islands, this is one area that Government has focused its attention on to provide better shipping services.”

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