Government plans for revamp

LOOKING ahead, Government has plans for a better future for the Fiji Meat Industry Board (FMIB); one with a more sustainable and a complete solution for a modern abattoir, says Ministry of Public Enterprises permanent secretary David Kolitagane.

“The Ministry did advertise Expressions of Interest this year for potential divestment and privatisation of FMIB. In fact the whole of FMIB’s operations and management needs a revamp,” Mr Kolitagane said.

The permanent secretary was making a presentation to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Economic Affairs on their queries in respect of FMIB’s presentation to the committee last week.

Apart from answering the initial questions raised on FMIB’s presentation there were supplementary questions raised, which Mr Kolitagane had to deal with.

Opposition committee member Viliame Gavoka said, “Funding options look very limited for FMIB just by looking at its balance sheet. Can you comment on the way out of this; a way forward?” And Opposition member Prem Singh asked, “What is your position on the replacement of FMIB, based on its failures and constraints; should it close down and we start something eslse? Do they get Government funding or grant?”

Mr Kolitagane said he had visited the FMIB and requested them to submit proper plans and proposals for their funding requirements.

He referred to the FMIB chief executive officer’s submission to the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs where he said they were seeking $5 million to $10m from Government to upgrade their facilities.

Mr Kolitagane said he visited FMIB in March 2016 to inspect the Nakasi facility and advised the management that they needed to have a proper strategic plan in order to determine the investment that was needed.

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