Goundar Shipping’s newest addition arrives

Update: 1:40PM LOMAIVITI Princess V, Goundar Shipping’s newest addition to its existing fleet was welcomed today at the Narain jetty in Suva after 19 days of sailing from its former home in Canada.

Goundar shipping owner George Goundar has labelled the ship as one of
the largest marine vessel in Fiji as it is 130 meters in length with 16 knots
speed and with the capacity to carry 1500 passengers and 164 cars.

With its state of the art facilities including restaurants, private
rooms and a kids play area, the Lomaiviti Princess V has created 55 new job
opportunities for Fijians.

“For the travelling public, there has been an outcry especially for a
festive season like now, December, with the overcrowding and the overloading-
we have responded to that,” he said.

“As far as I’m concerned, shipping is better now than it was six years

Mr Goundar said  earning an income today was not easy and as a gift
to the Fijian people, his new vessel would ensure a decrease in boat fares by
30 per cent.

The Lomaiviti Princess V will sail between Viti Levu to Vanua Levu.

Formerly known as the MV Queen of Nanaimo,
the 53-year-old vessel
used to sail between Tsawwassen to the
Southern Gulf Islands route in British Columbia, Canada.

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