Goundar refused entry into wharf

The vehicle of George Goundar parked at the entrance to the Mua-i-Walu jetty after he was stopped to enter. Picture ATU RASEA

FIJI Ports Corporation Ltd customer and public relations officer Losalini Bolatagici says FPCL management would not tolerate any attitude of bullying towards their staff.

Her comment comes after owner and managing director of Goundar Shipping Limited, George Goundar was alleged to have verbally abused and bullied the FPCL staff due to the fact of him being refused entry at the entry gate of Muaiwalu II in Suva earlier today.

Ms Bolatagici said Mr Goundar has been revoked of his port user ID and has been barred from entering any Fiji Ports Corporation Ltd premises.

“His actions as noted in the CCTV footage showed that he clearly came on the wrong road traffic lane, picked up the road cone and threw it aside, he was clearly confronted with our staff- however he swore at the staff and FPCL management as reported in the log book and there were witness to this,” she said.

More in tomorrows the Fiji Times and E-edition.

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