GOPIO to enhance Indian culture

A GLOBAL movement to preserve and enhance Indian tradition and culture is now in Fiji and will greatly benefit local Fijians of Indian descent.

The Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) Fiji Chapter was established earlier this year at the Fiji Sevashram Sangha at Flagstaff, Suva.

According to the assistant secretary of GOPIO, Chandra Prakash Singh, the organisation’s main objective was to promote and preserve Indian culture and the Hindi language.

Mr Prakash said the 15 members of the Fiji Chapter would work together with the National Hindi Poetry Conference to provide logistics support and recite poems during the Rastrye Kavi Sammelan (Poetry Recital Conference) at Valelevu, Nasinu, on Saturday.

“The Indo-Fijian community should make an utmost effort to teach their children Hindi alphabets, numbers, write words or sentences and be able to understand the language up to an acceptable standard that our forefathers brought to our country under the indenture system,” he said.

“Had it not been for their sacrifice and strength in preserving the Hindu tradition and culture in Fiji, we would not have learnt our mother tongue so well.”

GOPIO was established in 1989 in New York.

The non-profit organisation, together with its volunteers, is committed to building bonds, friendships, alliance and comradeship.

GOPIO has an established presence in Oceania for the past 10 years and has around 80 Chapters across the globe.

The organisation was officially launched by the former minister for education, Dr Mahendra Reddy, at the Fiji Sevashram Sangha on March 19, 2017.

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