Good work

Hats off to Mr Das, the CEO of FRCS, as I believe he is doing a marvellous job. He has rightly said (F/T 27/10/2017) that it is unfair to the 341,251 employees who pay their taxes to the cent deducted at source, while 48 per cent of businesses don’t pay any tax at all.

These businesses actually make their income at the expense of these employees, most of whom struggle to put food on the table. This is definitely not fair!

The revelation of the tax fraud by a supermarket which was fined $53m is appalling. Just imagine this unpaid tax could have been utilised to build a hospital or couple of schools or do necessary road upgrades, etc., to better the lives of all the people of this country.

What is more surprising and worrying from Mr Das’s statements, is that all sorts of businesses are defrauding the government, suggesting there is a rise in unscrupulous activities and a decay of moral values. The greed for more money continues and if good men do nothing than evil will continue to triumph. Hence, I believe the public must heed Mr Das’s advice to pay their taxes to make Fiji a better place to live in and to the good people to blow the whistle on unscrupulous people as he cannot fight this battle on his own.

Keep up the good work Mr Das and team.

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