Good representation

THE women representation in Fiji’s parliament following the election has surpassed the regional average of 13.4 per cent, the Fiji Women’s Forum (FWF) confirms.

FWF co-convenor and executive director of FemLINKPACIFIC Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls congratulated the eight women who have been elected into Fiji’s House of Representatives – five of whom are new women parliamentarians from the ruling FijiFirst party, and three from the opposition that includes one from the National Federation Party, and two from the Social Democratic and Liberal Party.

“These eight women represent 16 per cent of the 50 member legislature,” Ms Bhagwan-Rolls said.

“The Fiji Women’s Forum views this as a success for women in national political leadership because it’s a 45 per cent increase from 2006 – when only eight of the 71-member lower house were females.”

Fiji Women’s Rights Movement executive director Virisila Buadromo said while this was a big win for women in politics, Fiji and the region still lagged behind the Arab States.

“The FWF is proud to have worked alongside many of the 44 women who put themselves forward in Fiji’s first democratic election in eight years. We hope to continue to work alongside all of the 44 women candidates by providing them with a space to share their experience and knowledge to either mentor future politicians, restrategise for election 2018 or work together in developing and implementing gender responsive laws.”

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