Good news for pet owners

Maleeka Buksh at the Greater Good Foundation Animals Sanctuary in Ba. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

AN animal shelter located midway between Ba and Lautoka is in the process of establishing a clinic which will offer rural westerners increased access to veterinary services.

The Greater Good Foundation, an animal sanctuary in Tavarau, Ba, is home to about 120 stray dogs, mostly females.

Maleeka Buksh, a volunteer at the sanctuary said once the clinic was set up and staffed, the Greater Good Foundation would be able to take veterinary services out to the people.

“Swire Shipping is donating a container which we will set up into a simple clinic with volunteer vets and staff,” she said.

“We will offer spaying and neutering among other services and we will also be able to go out to settlements and villages and assist pet owners.

“This is not just about providing veterinary services, it’s also about education and creating awareness about the importance of being responsible pet owners.

“Our shelter has mostly female dogs because of the gender bias that exists in Fiji. Every pet owner wants a male and will discard females simply because they fall pregnant and have pups.

“They don’t realise that it is because of this mothering role that females make the best guard dogs and companions.

“These are the types of mind-sets that we want to change.”

Ms Buksh said the public would be informed once the clinic was established.

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