Good location

The MV Sea Rakino docked at the Port Muaiwalu in Suva. Picture: SOPHIA RALULU.

The MV Sea Rakino docked at the Port Muaiwalu in Suva. Picture: SOPHIA RALULU.

LOCAL shipping operators have the capability to provide services to other smaller Island States in the region.

Victoria Marine Ltd director Josateki Tagi said all operators could not be providing services in Fiji waters and that some needed to look at providing services to the region instead.

“We all can’t be in Fiji, some of us have to move out in terms of services we provide and it will be good for Fiji in terms of maritime capabilities,” he said.

“From my point of view, Fiji has the capability to provide those services. Often we talk about New Zealand and Australia and other small islands in the Pacific, but I bet that Fiji can provide this because the location is good and the resources are here. I think we need to encourage the local operators to try and look into the regional direction more.

“I think if we all service the region we should be good in terms of business, but from my point of view, we have to kick-start and we cannot wait for others.”

He said it was important for local operators to find a niche market in the region because they would not be able to compete with big container boats that provide services to island states in the Pacific.

“For us, we thought of moving into aggregates and heavy cargo transportation instead and that is definitely the way to go for us,” he said.

He said one of the major developments for the company was being able to service both locally and regionally with one of their vessels now in Vanuatu and another ready to provide service to Kiribati.

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