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Using deodorants helps one to feel better, have more confidence and even prevent giving off bad odours that others usually find unpleasant. So before you choose the product that suits you best website reports it’s very important that you know a few differences between deodorant and antiperspirant.

“Although a lot of people usually get them confused and think they’re the same product, there are indeed a few differences between the two,” reports

“As we were saying, these two products contain a few important differences. What’s better — deodorant or antiperspirant? The answer to this question will depend in large part on your physical needs and characteristics.

“Therefore, individuals that don’t produce that much sweat, and that also do not produce a strong odour, could easily opt for deodorant. It will only help prevent bad odours, because the individual does not sweat excessively.” adds on the other hand, individuals that sweat a lot should choose antiperspirant.

“This will sensibly reduce the amount of sweat and will also prevent bad odour,” reports the website.

“Evidently, only using deodorant would not be a very good idea in these cases; not only would it not prevent bad odours, but one would continue to produce the same amount of sweat. However, experts think it is best to choose a deodorant that is combined with antiperspirant.

This will provide the best of both products: on the one hand, it will disguise bad odours with a pleasant fragrance; and on the other hand, it will reduce the amount of sweat, especially if you produce a lot.”

Below we are going to talk about the most important ones:

1. Deodorant — deodorants are used primarily to eliminate bad odours caused by sweating. Therefore, these products are not designed to prevent sweating, but just to prevent us from having the bad odor that accompanies it. The majority of them are made with a fragrance combined with alcohol, making them effective for twelve hours. This type of product is usually easily absorbed by the body.

2. Antiperspirant: as its name indicates, this type of product, unlike deodorant, is meant to prevent sweating. This is possible because it creates a cover over sweat glands, generally with small amounts of aluminum. Antiperspirant is much more effective than deodorant, and it has a greater antibacterial effect. However, it is not recommended to apply it to some parts of the body, as it can clog pores.

One of the best homemade deodorants

Aloe vera

This plant, and especially its sap, is a very effective natural deodorant that can be used on the entire body, either alone or mixed with some sort of essential oil. This product is also used to heal different types of minor wounds and digestive discomforts. So aloe vera would be an excellent option.

Essential oil

A very practical and inexpensive option would be to use essential oils combined with other products, like those already mentioned. This will give your deodorant an aroma. Just a few drops of oil will help you smell good.

Tea tree oil

This type of oil is very good for using as deodorant. Not only does it disguise bad odours, but it also functions as an antiseptic, bactericide and fungicide. Likewise, it can be used to treat skin infections or injuries.

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