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FASANOC representatives, from left, Joe Rodan Sr and Osea Kolinisau with IOC’S Dr Robin Mitchell receive the ANOC Breakthrough NOC Award in 2016. Picture: SUPPLIED

The Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (FASANOC) with continued Olympic Solidarity (OS) support hopes to ensure good governance, financial control and compliance by strengthening its capacity-building programs for national federations.

“Our mission is ‘To develop, protect and promote sports participation and excellence for all the people of Fiji.”

As highlighted in FASANOC Strategic Planning consultations in 2013, there was a recognition of the importance to build capacity within national federations (NFs) and FASANOC in order to strengthen their operations to bring about better performance by our athletes.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) encourages all members of the Olympic Movement to adopt, as their minimum standard, its basic universal principles of good governance.

For the Olympic Movement good governance is part of the fundamental principles of Olympism. It serves to obtain the respect and confidence of all partners.

The IOC, in its efforts to assist the members in the movement, had set the benchmark through its principles of good governance to enhance integrity across different levels of the Olympic sporting movement.

FASANOC CEO, Lorraine Mar said these principles of good governance was promoted by FASANOC through various Olympic Solidarity programs that ensured training for executives of national federations to facilitate proper structures for good governance in their operations.

FASANOC endorses and carries out Oceania Sports Education Programs (OSEP) not only in the area of administration and sports management, but also in coaching, strength and conditioning, team manager and trainer at the community level, development level and national level.

The IOC and FASANOC strive to have athletes at the heart of all activities, said Mar.

“We encourage NFs and their sports administrators to take advantage of the OS and OSEP programs to enable their athletes to realise their full potential” she said.

In adapting to COVID-19, courses will commence as soon as Fiji starts to open and restrictions are eased. OSEP mentor, Talemo Waqa of Kiliati Enterprises said while face to face learning was still hard to beat, a lot of these training would move to an online platform for delivery and work has commenced on elearning options.

Lorraine said in an article published last week, there were pathways for athletes to take advantage of scholarships however FASANOC and IOC had structures in place forc- Coaches and administrators also. She also encouraged national federations to contribute to the promotion of the Olympic values which includes friendship, excellence and respect.

“Our athletes and communities engagement (ACE) program uses national sporting champions to advocate on the Olympic values at all their sessions with communities, with emphasis on clean and safe sport,” she said.

Through OS funding, FASANOC will also be continuing its sports for development programs with particular focus on our commissions working for the betterment of the athletes.

Sport has the power to inform, empower and transform communities and we encourage national athletes to be a part of our athletes and communities engagement program and recognize the power that they have to be a role model for the nation.

FASANOC would also like to encourage the vaccination of all athletes and officials as we understand will be a must for the opening and access of sports facilities in Fiji as laid out by the Minister for Sports last week.

We have some exciting Games coming up and would like to get sports started as soon as possible to be able to put our best foot forward.

Story Credit: FASANOC

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