Good budget

For ordinary Fijians living below the poverty line, any national budget that enables and empowers them to improve their standard of living is a good budget.

Fijians who earn $30,000 per annum will be exempt from paying income tax, which means those in this category have more in their pay packet.

Fijians should thank the FijiFirst Government for all the goodies that will be made available through this new budget, on top of the existing ones.

At the end of the day, the budget in the eyes of ordinary Fijians becomes good or bad, when families work out how much money is spent to feed the family daily.

In the past ten years, it seems that the buying power of a $50 note has been greatly reduced. The budget seems to put more spending money in the hands of working Fijians but the cost of living rises accordingly and by this time next year; we the ordinary people will continue to say that times are hard.

Reduce the cost of living while people have more disposable income and at the same time continue with all the goodies and employment opportunities and people including the Opposition MPs will have both their thumbs up, saying: Good budget!

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