Golden Eileen

My family was preparing for TC Keni when we learnt of the historical gold medal win by our young Eileen Cikamatana.

The elation one gets when seeing her winning lift is nothing short of empowering. In the early hours of Tuesday, April 10, I posted this congratulatory message.

Congratulations and well done Eileen Cikamatana.

You have brought hope and a ray of sunshine on this rather wet, gloomy, flood-ridden and TC Keni anticipatory morning.

You will empower many Fijians in this day of freebies, pursuits of instant gratification and socially engineered dependency grants.

You planted the seed of hard work and harvested the fruit of golden success. You have made all Fijians proud, in particular your parents and fellow lifters.

You have shown once again that despite all odds, struggles and challenges, one can be triumphant when one plays by the rules, follows the game plan and perseveres.

You have raised our national flag with pride and we stand by you and share your joy.

May our good Lord continue to bless you and grant you His favour.

Once again, congratulations Eileen Cikamatana!

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