Gold productivity award

Quality Circles are a group of employees who meet regularly to consider ways of resolving problems and improving production in their organisation.

Fiji Electricity Authority chief executive officer Hasmukh Patel said FEA embarked on this journey some years ago because it proved to be a teamwork generator.

“In practical, it’s a way of lifting team spirits, because when you do it, you form a circle which is formed of a number of employees,” he said.

“They all get together and they think of a project that is if executed, will bring about some improvements within the organisation.

“It could either be cost savings or on process improvements and that is the whole idea of having quality circles in the organisation.”

Mr Patel said FEA had also been taking part in quality circles at national level organised by the National Training Productivity Centre, a competition that also help the organisation to compete at international level.

“We have had two opportunities taking part in international competition, the first one was in Singapore, and we did win an award,” he said.

“This year, the competition shifted to Manila, the FEA team was selected to represent Fiji to the competition, and the good news is that we did take part but the best news is that we won the gold award.

“This means that we have put the name of Fiji on the rise in Quality Circles once again.”

Rajnil Prasad, a team leader that led his team to Manila said his team was honoured to have represented Fiji.

“I am very grateful to my team that went to the Philippines,” he said.

“There were great efforts from everyone in doing our part in ensuring that we delivered everything with success.

“It’s a huge achievement for Fiji being a small island nation but is putting a stamp on the national arena in the field of productivity.

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