Go Fiji go

WilL coach Ben Ryan continue on the road to Rio, undaunted by the challenges and distraction faced trying to tie the loose ends and laces in building a formidable line-up that will help earn us our first Olympics gold medal?

Previously notorious slow starters on day one, the national 7s team came out firing, guns blazing, playing smart and aggressive rugby to dispose Scotland, displace Wales and dismantle Samoa.

Such was the killer punch and sting in our game plan!

While Tuisova and Viriviri showed abundance of speed, Nakarawa, ‘Ice’, Api and Jasa showed great ball-hunting skills.

Our forwards demonstrated strength and laid the platform for our agile back line players to impress.

Then there were the likes of Jerry, Vatemo and veteran playmaker Osea who juggled with the ball to create gaps.

Nasilasila, Wise and Kiti were wonderful impacts. Our defence was up to par as we strangled and suffocated our opponents.

Ask our opponents in Paris and they will share the ordeal they went through in the thrashing they received at the hands of our warriors.

The words of rugby commentator Rob Vickerman “Viriviri is back big time baby” as Viriviri dashed to the tryline to score a try, gave me every reason to smile.

So far so good, Ben and team Fiji! You are on the right track.

The four players plying their trade in Europe have shown a good understanding of our team culture.

The significance of May 14 did not go unnoticed thanks to the efforts of The Fiji Times in raising awareness about the coming of the indentured labourers and their vast contribution towards Fiji’s socio-cultural and economic development.

Mr Konrote called on every Fijian to embrace one another for a better Fiji regardless of background, gender or age.

He also challenged us to embrace the different cultures that we have by getting united and stronger in our diversity.

Hence, it is important that we understand our history.

Qounadovu in his article titled “29 years later, a look back at coup of 87” in the Sunday Times makes one realise the need to work as one for our beloved Fiji.

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