Go Drua

The second NRC semi-final between the Fiji Drua and Queensland Country should be won by QLD as it is on their turf with a home crowd advantage.

The Fiji Airways Drua side have lost two straight home games, the second with QLD Country last week and we should expect them to lose in their semi-final rematch on Sunday.

But, magic has happened before, where a team which has lost two previous games comes alive after learning from its mistakes and makes one final victorious onslaught.

This is what we all want to happen to the Drua side because we know that they have the flair and capability to create an upset in Queensland territory.

Come on Drua, we want to see some Fijian magic as you take on Queensland Country on Sunday.

Win or lose, you have made Fiji proud by reaching the semi-final of the Australian NRC in your first year in the competition.

Go Drua go.

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