Glue laws in the pipeline

A street dweller holds a bottle of glue in Suva on Sunday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

Home Affairs Minister Pio Tikoduadua says there are plans to bring in laws to control and regulate those who sell, buy and use glue.

He highlighted this in Parliament yesterday when responding to a supplementary question by Opposition Parliamentarian Naisa Tuinaceva on whether there were plans to bring laws to try control and regulate those who sell, buy and use glue just to “protect our young ones”.

“The short answer to that is yes, I know it has been discussed in Cabinet,” Mr Tikoduadua said.

“And the police, we are not the lead agency in that. The Ministry of Education with Ministry of Women and Children are the lead agencies looking after that together with Social Welfare.”

Mr Tikoduadua said while the issue was dealing with children that were loitering on the street, these issues were flourishing in schools.

“Children come to school from home and go back home and it’s the teenagers we’re talking about.

“I think age suggests the problem which means they are old enough now in doing things that they are doing. Which is something that they have acquired over time where they are now producing the outcome of how they have been raised.

“I’ve always said at the end of the day, you can talk about Government and the law system as much as we can, but when it comes to children, and because of our laws and our Constitution, it gives that responsibility to parents.”

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