Global index indicates youth bulge

Update: 4:19PM THE Global Youth Development Index shows that many countries are experiencing a “youth bulge” with adolescents and young adults making up a third of the population.

Lead consultant on the Fiji National Youth Development Index, Dr Joseph Veramu, said in a statement by the Ministry of Youth and Sports that the Global Youth Index provided useful data, key performance indicators and achievements that are used to shape evidence based youth policy formulation.

“Our official youth age range is 15 to 35 in Fiji whereas the Global Index has an age range of 15 to 29,” Dr Veramu said.

“We need to work with research-based institutions to develop age and gender disaggregated data that would also highlight achievements in areas such as employment and wellbeing, for example.”

Fiji’s rating in the recently released Global Youth Development Index 2016 has increased by 0.08 to 0.60 from the 0.52 Index recorded in 2013.

The Global Youth Development Index ranks 183 countries according to the prospects of young people in employment, education, health, civic and political spheres.

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