Global energy transition is now on the global agenda

A GLOBAL energy transition is now on the global agenda and the media, which plays an important role in telling that story, needs to have an international perspective in the way it does its work.

A conference for journalists in Bruhl, Germany yesterday looked at how to break away from national views to collaborate internationally to tell better stories.

Run by the Clean Energy Wire (CLEW), a European network of journalists whose members specialise in energy reporting, the two-day conference is a side event of the COP23.

The 100 participants include 10 journalists from the Pacific, three of whom are from Fiji.

Editor in chief of the CLEW, Sven Egenter said the energy transition offered many exciting and important stories.

“Yet the complex implications and innovations of the energy transition cross traditional, national, business and journalistic boundaries,” Egenter said.

“Such a truly global story needs an international perspective as well as cross border research and cooperation.”

Asking the questions of how to get away from local beats, the CLEW asked the journalists attending the conference to think about lessons to learn from fields such as investigative journalism.

“How can we create trust among journalists and win over editors and audience to take an international view?

“How can we get the facts on far-away countries right and make the international context understandable to a national readership?”

Journalists will over the next two days explore topics such as the recipe for international journalism for a cause, making the energy transition relevant and capacity building amongst other topics.

Ten Pacific journalists are on a training fellowship in Germany while covering COP23, funded by the German Government and is organised by the national broadcaster Deutsche Welle and the UNFCCC.

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