Global Chaos to make waves

A LOCAL musician and environmental warrior has taken Fiji’s fight against climate change and turned it into a song that he hopes will make waves on the international scene.

Global Chaos, a song written by bass guitarist and composer, Mapu Billyato, is a reflection on the climate change issues facing our country and how developed nations affect vulnerable Pacific Island states.

Billyato said what inspired him to write the song was his passion for protecting the environment for the future generations.

“For me, I am very passionate about the environment and I’d like to see what people would do to protect it for the future generations — this was one of the main reasons I wrote this song,” he said.

Global Chaos was produced by one of Fiji’s guitar greats, Mike Reymond, and was officially released in December last year.

The song was recorded at Tritone Records Fiji’s studio in Lami — owned and operated by Franky Lee Biu.

“It took me about a month to write the song because I had to come up with ideas and I had to change the lyrics that I originally wrote in 2016 and then I finally recorded it in Tritone Records Fiji last year.”

Billyato said he hoped the song would strike a chord and encourage world leaders to take up initiatives to stop the use of coal and fossil fuels so people could have a cleaner planet.

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