Give The Fiji Times a break

THIS is not the first time that our favourite daily, The Fiji Times has been mentioned in Parliament.

What is unfair about it, is that no The Fiji Times rep is present to answer or give a rebuttal to whatever allegations or issues raised when this prestigious newspaper company is mentioned.

It is general knowledge in Fiji that because the Government chose to place its advertisements in the Fiji Sun, I believe this daily has been perceived as pro-government.

Therefore, it is not fair, in the name of business competition to unfairly brand or perceive that The Fiji Times is anti-government because of its integrity in reporting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I believe, because of this fact, The Fiji Times is the most bought and read daily in Fiji.

My humble appeal is for MPs to give The Fiji Times a break because there are more important issues and matters affecting the people of Fiji to talk about in Parliament.

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