Give a basket full of love

A BITE of your favourite biscuit is extremely satisfying for biscuit lovers.

Be it sweet or savory FMF has provided Fijians with their favourite biscuit to enjoy at the crack of dawn or after a stressful day or at all those joyous moments.

Manufacturing more than 82 different kinds of biscuits, the FMF brand has gathered the love and support of the customers and continue to thrive to provide the best for our biscuit lovers.

All this began with only a small bakery within the flour mill with just one oven to produce Fiji’s famous Breakfast Crackers. Within two years the crackers had become so popular they were being exported to many Pacific Island countries. In 1996 FMF launched a series of cookies which very quickly became a favourite. You will still find these; coconut, peanut and choc chip cookies on shelves and still as popular as its inception.

With increasing local and export demand, the Biscuit Company of Fiji, a subsidiary of FMF set up a new production facility of its own with the nation’s first continuous, automatic biscuit baking oven to produce crackers, Milk Arrowroot biscuits, Scotch Fingers and even chocolate coated biscuits.

In 2004 the company bought out Australia’s Fine Fare brand and added a range of cream biscuits, followed by chocolate biscuits Tymo in 2006. The varieties of biscuits produced in this factory today are vast and fascinating.

FMF biscuit lovers are spread out in different regions, thus catering for their needs, FMF foods Limited produces biscuits for markets in developed countries such as Australia, New Zealand as well as our friendly neighbouring islands which gives us strong distribution power and market reach.

We have taken serious investment in staff development and technical programs to improve skills and maintain high quality products.

FMF continues to offer the biscuits lovers

variety and this proved very successful with the recent launch of banana and pineapple Bites and FMF wholemeal cracker.

FMF Foods Limited is quality orientated and we strive to provide the finest quality of biscuits to our customers in Fiji and abroad. FMF biscuits can be enjoyed on various occasions and while Easter is just around the corner, it could be one of the best gift ideas in a basket full of love to your dear ones near and far.

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