Gita’s aftermath

I GUESS we are blessed to have escaped Tropical Cyclone Gita’s wrath.

To all the women out there whose name is Gita may have calmed the cyclone with their charms.

Jokes aside, we do feel though for the people in the affected areas.

Though mother-nature is such in which we can’t do much, our prayers are with the cyclone-affected people.

May God give them strength to overcome and stabilise soon.

We also would like to thank the Fiji Red Cross Society and Art of Living organisations who go out of their way to assist the affected people in the aftermath of cyclones and other relevant times.

The good thing is that after monster Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston, people are taking such warnings very seriously.

We have seen the worst and that was enough to put us on our toes.

We learn every single day with new experiences.

We are only getting stronger.

Fiji has seen the worst during monster Winston. Fiji is strong and it will pick up soon.

I urge all those who can help in one way or another to please take the step forward and for those who feel nothing much they can do, can actually do a very powerful thing, and that is to simply pray.

I believe prayers have a lot of powers.

I wish a speedy recovery to the affected people either in terms of damage, emotionally or physically.

May God bless us all.

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