Girmit celebrations

THE Fiji Girmit Council will hold major celebrations around the country to commemorate the abolition of Girmit (indentured labour system) with the passing of 100 years since the arrival of the last ship, Sutlet V, in the country with labourers.

In a statement, council general secretary, Jagannath Sami said the celebrations would be held at the Lautoka Girmit Centre.

“A host of events and festivities are being planned beginning on November 11, 2016 and culminating on March 18-26, 2017 to mark the end of indentured labour period in Fiji and globally,” Mr Sami said.

Mr Sami said various committees were formed to organise a three-location, multi-item event with Lautoka chosen as the major host city.

“Activities envisaged include a carnival, trade show, book fare, a moving history display, including technology, arts, food and agriculture, a sports tournament, a film festival and local play, and musical evenings.

“An academic conference featuring local and international scholars on indenture and colonialism will also take place, as well as school events including debates, oratories and quizzes,” he added.

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