Girl, mother released

Police logo: Picture: FILE.

A 10-YEAR-OLD from Ba reported as one of the 11 people who broke curfew restrictions on Monday night was not charged and was released by police.

Police spokeswoman Savaira Tabua confirmed this to this newspaper yesterday.

Ms Tabua said the girl and her mother were returning from the Ba Hospital when they were stopped by officers manning a roadblock during curfew hours.

“No, we did not charge her and her mother after we found out that they were coming back from the hospital so they have been released,” she said.

Meanwhile, police made 10 arrests for breach of curfew restrictions on Wednesday night.

The Southern Division recorded five cases where all those arrested were found drunk, including two people who were travelling in a vehicle without a driving licence.

The Eastern Division recorded two cases where both men in their 30s were found returning from a grog session in the Davuilevu area.

The lone case in the Northern Division involved a 30-year-old farmer of Somosomo, Taveuni who was found drunk.

Two men in their 20s were arrested in the Western Division while returning from drinking kava.

The Central Division recorded no reports.

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