German national arrested for illegal border crossing

HONIARA – Police officers in Taro, Choiseul Province in Solomon Islands  have arrested a German national for illegally entering Solomon Islands through the Solomon Islands Papua New Guinea (PNG) border on Sunday 29 April 2018.

“The accused was arrested after Police in Taro was informed of his presence at Supizae Island, near Taro Station on 26 April 2018,” reported Senior Sergeant Rolland Lapo, the officer in charge of Taro Police Station.

“Police invited him to Taro police station for questioning and at the same time notified the Immigration Department.”

“The German national was then advised to leave Solomon Islands for PNG voluntarily however he escaped to the mainland Choiseul and disappeared. Police conducted a search and found him near Kona Village and arrested him and placed in Police custody awaiting formalities from the Solomon Islands Immigration Department.”   PNG TODAY

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