Geopolitical arena changes

THE geopolitical arena for the Pacific Islands has changed significantly in recent years, with the world once again vying for influence and opportunity in the Pacific.

University of the South Pacific (USP) vice-chancellor Professor Rajesh Chandra made this statement during the recent 2015 Pacific Update at USP in Suva last week.

Prof Chandra said the situation in the Pacific Islands was no longer straightforward or predictable as it used to be.

“Until we get actual entrepreneurs in the tent on discussions such as these, it is difficult to see how we can actually make much impact on the private sector or how the private sector can have impact on public policy,” Prof Chandra said.

He said the global economy was underpinned by knowledge, research and developments.

“Part of the global economy was about knowledge component making it more important. Shocks from the global economy are more easily transmitted to our small and vulnerable countries as distance is no longer a protector and the global economy is more volatile.”