GC2018: Scotland’s Callum collapses in closing stages of today’s marathon

Update: 4:14PM SCOTLAND’S Callum Hawkins collapsed during this morning’s marathon and is receiving medical treatment at Gold Coast University Hospital.

Team Scotland has advised that there are no major concerns for his well-being at this stage. 

GOLDOC chief executive officer Mark Peters said the health of all athletes was GOLDOC’s number one priority. 

“I, like many others, was distressed to see a wonderful athlete like Callum collapse during the closing stages of today’s marathon,” Mr Peters said in a statement issued by GOLDOC today.

“We are offering every assistance possible to Callum and Team Scotland.

“GOLDOC has put in place a wide range of measures to ensure athlete welfare and the response of medical staff this morning was within agreed response guidelines and timeframes.

“I was also concerned about the behaviour of a small number of bystanders who chose to take images. This is not in keeping with the spirit of GC2018.”

GOLDOC said it could confirm that during the race, medical staff was posted at 500metre intervals in the final kilometres of the course, all of which had radio communications. 

In competition, there are strict rules around accepting medical help and subsequent disqualification. 

After Callum Hawkins collapsed on the bridge medical staff provided treatment when requested. 

Updates on the condition of athletes will be provided through respective teams.

Team Scotland has also reported that Callum was sitting up and speaking with his dad and their team’s medical staff.

It also confirmed that Callum was undergoing further tests as a precaution.

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